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Think Think Think

New York isn't just the cultural nexus of America, it's also home to dozens of intellecutals. As far as the propensity for thinking goes, the only other city to come close is Corpus Christi, TX.

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Vote for Mayor Tony for Mayor

Don't "fuggedabout it" when it comes to Election Day! You'd better believe you'll be voting for Mayor Tony, else you and your family will be sleeping with the fishes (you will be killed).

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Try This One CRAZY Tip for Getting Hired

Not getting the job sucks. Knowing why you didn't get the job sometimes sucks even more.


Brain Teasers

Apartment amenities
What's that smell?
What is the REAL origin of International Women's Day?

step-dad jeff

New York Mayoral Candidate Profile: My Step-Dad, Jeff

Paid for by the "My Step-Dad, Jeff, For Mayor of New York" Campaign.


Investment Advice

Want to learn how to make bank, get stacks, and ball out? This early investor says, "fuck you, pay me. Wait, sorry, I thought you were my dad."

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Change is Afoot! Are You Excited or is that a Banana in Your Pocket?

What is your job on the Plague Commune?
Weed is legal! What's next?
Changes to the NYC public school curriulum?
Favorite summer holidays


Be the Best Man

Click here to find out what seperates tots from tough guys.


Things People Are (And Can Even Be)!

New women's rights
Classic New Yorkers
Failed Sesame Street puppets
Who won the Supperbowl?

boycott pillsbury!

Looking Ahead

What won't be reopening in NYC?
What should Plague boycott?
New shapes
What did I forget?

boycott pillsbury!

Cat News

News, but for pussies.


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