Thing People Are (And Can Even Be)

New women's rights
The right to Quiet Down, Ladies!
Wet tee shirt contests are recognized by the NCAA
Yes, you should give yourself bangs
The right to be shopping

Can you name a classic New Yorker?
Jerry Seinfeld’s seventeen year old girlfriend
The whale from Moby Dick
Financier to the stars, Jeffrey Epstein
Big Jim, the man they built the Empire State building around

Who are some failed Sesame Street Puppets?
White Big Bird
Wanker, the British Muppet who loves to jack his shit off!
Marley-- he died too soon to star, but he was cast
City Councilman, Marvin Grossman

Who Won the Supperbowl?
Tom Brady’s son after his dad made out with him to celebrate
The advertisers