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Living the Life in NYC

Your days are numbered so make them count!

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News From Subway

Is your name Jared? If yes, you may be eligible for financial restitution or a free Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. Click here for details.

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Your Weekly Horoscope

We bet you're wondering what the heck is going to happen to you this week, which is why we hired a tarot reader for contract.

A kid-friendly hitman

Kid-Friendly Hitman For Hire!

Look no further for your adolescent murder needs!

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Get a Job at Denny's

America's favorite diner is hiring!

grimace of mcdonalds fame

THIS Creative Customer Reimagined the Classic Kids Meal!

can i have a bubger , please, ?

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Are You a Writer in NYC? Here's an Exciting New Offer Just for You!

Look man, you're gonna have to go to grad school anyway so just click on this.

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fran liebowitz


Where did I put my keys?
Favorite Fran Lebowitz quote
What is your bodega order?
What's going on in the news?

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Watch Out Water Signs!

I am going to gut you like a fish.


Hot Single in Your Area Looking for Love

Get a leg-up on the treacherous NYC dating scene.

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Urgently Seeking Donut Employees

Krispy Kream kaper kommands krafty krime-stopper.

 a gal friend

We Stay Winning!

Why did I break up with my girlfriend?
Why did I start dating my boyfriend?
How am I going to get home?
Summer hobbies

fran liebowitz

What if Adam Sandler was Reading This Right Now? Would He Laugh? Would He Cry?

Signs of spring
Predictions for 2021 MLB season
Plague NFTs

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