We Stay Winning!

Why did I break up with my girlfriend?
She asked me if I wanted to "have sex"
Looked at me funny
It wasn’t Women’s History Month Anymore
She wouldn’t watch ANY John Wick
She told me she didn’t “get” my miniature train set
She fucked one of my best friends, my dad
She got that Elizabeth Warren pussy
She wouldn’t say “grill core” when I’d light up the G. Foreman
She wouldn't rim me back

Why did I start dating my boyfriend?
His miniature train set
I went on Birthright where the Israeli government made me have relations with at least one man named Avi
He looks really cool when he skateboards
He plays the drums in an indie band, Weezer
Top of the leaderboard in Fortnite
He had a Pulp Fiction movie poster

How am I going to get home?
"Sir, I meant if you had any questions about the job."
Like in Halloweentown
Very carefully
Into the night, slowly

Summer hobbies to try
Shop at Target