Change is Afoot! Are You Excited or What?

What's your job on the Plague commune?
Smallest dick in commune (helps other guys' self esteem as a form of emotional labor)
Smallest dick in commune (can reach places bigger dicks cannot)
Giver of sloppy toppy
Resident Swiftie
Community “hole”
Guy with no hands but he can "still do a lot”
Shitty magician who also vapes, sometimes

Favorite summer holidays
7th of July (Resurrection of the Constitution)
My birthday
Memorial Day 2
National Updog Day
Nathan’s (lesser known) Shrimp and Mustard Eating Contest

Weed is legal! What’s next?
Simpsons is next…
Joe Biden will reference r/notTimandEric
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard will play a marathon 72 hour set in Washington Square Park

Changes to the NYC Public School curriculum for ‘22-23
Student’s will do a little bit of "trolling"
Pizza Stick Friday is also on Tuesdays now
“Garfield Day” (lasagna on Mondays)
Drinking before driving (not in tandem, just age-wise)
They’re teaching HS Seniors how to do the shocker this year
Insane Clown Posse Lore
Properly Reselling on DePop (for girlies) and Grailed (for the boys)