Prominent Youtube personality CapitalismDoneRight (CDR) and musician/producer Dr. Borderline were both cancelled this week.

CDR claimed that, “dogs are sexier than liberal women because they have tighter *^&@#$” (posted to the Discord server of fellow Youtube intellectual Limitl3ss). Dr. Borderline threatened to kill herself when an interviewer asked her when her next album is scheduled to be released.

This made them contestants on this week’s CancelationNation, America’s top reality show for cancelled celebrities. Each week, the show feautures two different cancelled celebrities. They enter the arena and fight bare knuckled until TKO. One contestant walks away a winner, with their image rehabilitated between 6-18 months by George W. Bush’s own PR rep. The other will be booed out of the arena, chants of "loser, loser" echoing from the crowd, and will be forced to go onto Jordan Peterson’s podcast to talk about the first amendment.

CDR has been drinking several glasses of milk since being cancelled in preparation for his appearance on CancellationNation. Dr. Borderline apparently didn’t know that she was slated to be tonight’s fighter, and as she said in her talking head, she “simply doesn’t care.” The odds were in her favor 200:1 and she did not disappoint.

Within moments of entering the arena, she put the pasty “troll” in a headlock and was asking, “Where am I?” Her primal instincts and dreamlike sounds got her the opportunity to rehabilitate her image within the year or so, while CDR will have to join Mikhaila Peterson (Jordan Peterson’s daughter) on a double date with her father and his new girlfriend. They will, of course, be discussing the importance of free speech. Stay tuned for the bonus episode on Friday at 6 PM EST when you can watch the livestream of their conversation.