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Who won the Oscar this year? Who got snubbed?
Costume Designer Robert Smegma
Best Boy Doug Sucondese
Director of Photography Michael Hawk
Janine Assman stole it from Pug Tugsterton
Cinematographer Julia Henway
Director Terrence Updog
Composer Kira Nightly
Death to celebrity culture unless someone has a Raya pass for me!

What’s the Plague anime about?
Girls with big boobs being uncomfortable with girlbossing
A shot for shot anime remake of Birth of a Nation

Seinfeld Plots for 2021
Elaine does a TikTok with Addison Rae
Jerry eats a toasted bagel and goes into anaphylactic shock
George sleeps under his desk at the Amazon warehouse
George died in a supermarket shooting and they’re holding a vigil
They move to Bushwick

What’s the Plague Podcast about?
People who watched The Sopranos talking about how much they liked watching The Sopranos
In-depth explanations of the different sexual acts a person could enact upon Sonic characters
True crime but with clown sound effects
Why you must ALWAYS go blue... blue collar, I mean.