We Asked Ten NYC Strangers These 4 Questions. Their Answers Will Surprise You!

First thing Joe Biden did in office?
Batted a .485 average in the minor league
Finished the last season of 13 Reasons Why
Came, but out of the wrong hole
Appoint Thomas the Tank Engine as Secretary of Defense
Came, but with an air of finality

Best way to travel in NYC?
All the Duane Reades are connected so you can enter one and come out of a different one
Jogging as a young white woman at night (you will be taken to a secondary location)
If you die above 34th St you get to spawn at Columbus Circle so that saves a ton of walking time
Times Square has a teleportation portal in the sewer right under Elmo #9

What is today's NYC parade for?
An homage to all our fallen homies
Drunk Drivers of the World
Lemme-lick-dat-badonkadonk Day
Macey’s Black Friday Day Parade
Super-Straight Pride

Worst time and place to find a dead body?
During a riveting game of Mario Tennis(1998)
Pizza stick day at lunch
When looking for a living one