The 10 Plague-mandments

1. You shall not share your password for the various streaming services. They actually lose a lot of money this way which is ultimately just detrimental to you, the consumer.

2. You shall stop making fun of the Metaverse and NFTs. They’re actually a really neat, useful technology and you making fun of it is a defense mechanism to hide the fact that you’re lonely and stupid.

3. You shall not steal, unless you want it sooooo so bad, like for example if the thing in question is new Nintendo Switch.

5. You shall realize that you can’t breathe through your nose if you have your tongue stuck out at the same time.

6. You shall realize that you just tried number 5 and realized that it actually is possible.

7. You shall smile right now, because you were fooled.

8. You shall realize that you skipped number 4.

9. You just checked to see if there even is a number 4 (there isn’t).

10. You shall contribute no less than 60% of your last paycheck and/or one or both of your kidneys to the nearest Plaguechurch.