Interview With Chief Marketing Officer Of Plagueism

“I think our biggest breakthrough was learning from the vice lobbyists, yknow, cigarettes, especially. Because tobacco markets to kids, tobacco markets to everyone, and they do it well. What are cigarettes? They’re sex, they’re coolness. The way these lobbyist do it, they pay a movie exec, they make sure, after the two main characters get together, what do they do? They smoke a cigarette in bed. So, the breakthrough really was Plague product placement. Our first real success was getting Maverick to be a Plaguist in Top Gun 3: America Again!. That was big. Getting James Bond and his love interest to talk about Plague theology was also major. From there, we paid tiktok teens to be Plaguist, and then, next thing we new, everyone was converting voluntarily which was great, because, at that point, a lot of people thought marketing wasn’t working and wanted to do the old “kidnap and convert” method, which is just way to time consuming. After that, it became too mainstream and people thought it was basic so we introduced a financial incentive. We paid plaguist to start selling “Holy supplement” door to door that would really “heal the spirit” and “prepare your body for heaven”. Was it really crushed up tums and ketamine mixed together? Sure. But it worked, and it was helping people. Then we started getting in street fights with the mormons and—