Holy Coke

So, you’ve found yourself back where you were last year: school’s about to start, and you’re still embracing those summer rays! Well, Coca Cola is here to help! Taste summer in every drop, or your money back guaranteed! Best of all, we’re partnering with the world-shattering religion Plagueism, to keep the good vibes flowing with a dash of Plague’s patented Holy Water: Holiest of Waters™ in every bottle!

Dare to keep the summer going for the rest of your life! Converge with the Plague amalgam during the Coca Cola Summer Solstice Bonfire Bonanza and Orgy! Get ready for games, condoms, and priests ready to convert you and your family with just a sip of Coca Cola and one or two near death experiences that will ensure you have nowhere else to take refuge except the religion of the future: Plagueism!