Welcome to the website of The Plague, NYU’s only intentionally funny publication. Here you can learn more about our magazine, view all of our past issues, and most importantly, find the inspiration to finally write up that courageous and surely hilarious piece about Daniel Day-Lewis going on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne da God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee that you’ve always needed to share with the world.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join or submit to The Plague, even Tauruses. If you’d like to submit to our magazine or say hi, you can email us at Also, we're looking for opportunities to use some of our funding to help princes in various foreign countries get back to their rightful positions of power—if you know of any, hit us up.

A bit of history about The Plague: The Plague began in the 14th century in Eurasia where it just simply killed tbh. There wasn’t paper or education back then so the laughs had to be spread by word of mouth and rats. Approximately 75-200 million people shared in the joy of comedy as The Plague became a worldwide sensation. Flashforward a couple hundred years and now you, dear reader, can join our proud tradition.

If you want to be a part of The Plague’s future, past, or in-between, come to one of our meetings on Wednesdays at 6:30 in [stable location TBD after add-drop period]. Pizza will be ordered and probably eaten as well. Get meeting updates emailed to you by shooting us an email at

In the meantime, you can connect with us on Twitter (@plaguemag), Instagram (@plaguemagazine), and Facebook (plaguemag) where our pay-to-play interns post updates and content so The Plague can once again emerge as an unstoppable global power.

What is The Plague?
The Plague is NYU's only intentionally funny publication. The Plague has been in print since 1977, and is currently being published once per semester as a glossy, sexy, full-color, 80-page magazine.
Where can I pick up a copy?
7th floor of Kimmel.
Can I join?
Sure! Shoot us an email to be added to an exclusive mailing list for meeting times and locations.
What kind of work do you publish?
Great work.
How do I submit?
Send written pieces to! We always respond with feedback.
How do I submit visual art?
Email your art to If you're working on a full-page visual gag or fake advertisement here's what you oughta know: the Photoshop document should be 5.25 X 7.25 inches, have a .125 inch bleed, at least a .125 inch margin, and a 350 DPI resolution. If you don't know what that means, just send us the art you've got an we'll grudgingly format it ourselves. If you want a template PSD, email
Can we advertise with you?
Only if they are humorous advertisements (e.g. Flo from Progressive, GEICO ads, or those two guys just shootin' the shit in the Sonic drive thru, boy they're kooky!)